I'm Atomic Fishbowl

Dig deep inside captured content.

Shoulder Surfing for Executives

Take Charge

Shoulder Surfing for Executives

Atomic Fishbowl gives power back to management by re-creating the proverbial "shop room window", looking out over your cyber production floor.  Thus are all levels of an organization empowered to take charge of its security posture.


Atomic Fishbowl reconstructs documents captured from the wire by NetWitness.  And not just all documents - that would be fairly useless.  The power is in the ability to pre-filter for specific keywords and patterns, so that only interesting documents are returned.


By using the power of the human brain and our unique method of presenting contextual information, analysts can make split-second decisions about the relevance of the results.

Document and Threat Aware

Support for multiple content types


Bring Your Threat Intelligence

Use your 3rd-party threat intelligience feeds with Atomic Fishbowl to find suspicious content in your network. If Atomic Fishbowl finds a match on one of your feed's hash values, you'll know about it.

Rolling Collections

Roll With the Data

With Atomic Fishbowl, one need not confine oneself to a fixed timeframe of data.  With our concept of "Rolling Collections", interesting new data will automatically be found.

Rich and Beautiful

Atomic Fishbowl gives you the Who, What, Where, and When, so you can ask "Why?"

Finding PII

Find a Smaller Needle

Finding PII and sensitive data leakage has never been easier. Just configure your collection to search documents for one or more keywords, and/or Regular Expressions. Only those documents that match will be pulled in.

Dodgy Archive

Archives? We Don't Mind

Atomic Fishbowl doesn't let you down just because a document is compressed within a ZIP or RAR archive. Even if an archive is encrypted, Atomic Fishbowl will still let you know that an encrypted archive left your network. We call these "Dodgy Archives"


Hashing Detection

Atomic Fishbowl detects files based on their MD5, SHA1, and/or SHA256 hashes, as well.

Useful Out-of-the-Box

With built-in Use Cases, you can start getting value from Atomic Fishbowl within minutes of installation.  Our use-cases include:

  • Outbound Documents
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Date of Birth
  • Content Contained in Archives
  • Documents to Suspicious Destination Countries
  • Dodgy Archives
  • Outbound Web Usage Monitoring

Ride the NetWitness Wave

Atomic Fishbowl is the unofficial logical successor to NetWitness Visualize, though it takes the concept considerably further.  It is a true value add-on for RSA NetWitness for Packets, which requires an existing NetWitness installation.

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Officially RSA Ready

Kensington Tech is an official RSA Ready Technology Partner. That means that you can have the peace of mind in knowing that Atomic Fishbowl has been tested by RSA and certified to work with RSA Netwitness. Learn more about the RSA Ready Technology Partner program by clicking here.

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