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Who is Kensington Tech?

We are RSA and NetWitness Alumni, serving in roles ranging from Product Management and Technical Support to Software Engineering. We are a niche development and consulting company with highly specialized knowledge of the RSA NetWitness / Security Analytics product suite.

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Our Location

Though our reach is global, we are physically homed in Denver, Colorado, in the western USA.

  Kensington Technology Associates
3845 Tennyson Street
Number 174
Denver, CO 80212

Contacting Us

Kensington Technology Associates is eager and available to offer consulting services for Security Analytics.  Contact us today for your free consultation!



  +1 (719) 964-2451

Our Contributions to NetWitness

We're creators and enablers.

Product Manager - Localization and Internationalization

Mr. Underhay managed the huge effort to localize and internationalize Security Analytics, rolling out support for Japanese, German, and Spanish.

Product Manager - SA Health & Wellness

Mr. Underhay guided the development process of its new Health & Wellness ad hoc and alarming capabilities in versions 10.4 and 10.5, including the writing of its out-of-the-box Health Policies and some underlying stat collection code.

Author - NetWitness RAID Utility

Mr. Underhay was the author of the nwraidutil.pl script, used extensively by RSA Support to distill many screens of output from the OS RAID utility into a succinct view which illustrates the operational state of an Appliance's RAID subsystem, both logical and physical. He also rewrote this code in Python to serve as the basis for SA's Health & Wellness disk collection statistics.

Author - nwtech Support Utility

The nwtech.sh script used by NetWitness and subsequently SA Technical Support was created by Mr. Underhay, and has been used many thousands of times by RSA Support to help diagnose and troubleshoot issues with Security Analytics.

Author - NetWitness Supporter

NetWitness Supporter was a never-released full multiplatform GUI application, written in C++ using the Qt gramework, for automating the running of the nwtech script and retreiving its output files.

Author - NetWitness Auditor

The NetWitness Auditor is a web-based RSA-internal tool for locating issues on customer appliances, operating on the output files of the nwtech.sh script. This saves incredible amounts of time in diagnosing customers' issues.

Product Manager - SA Audit Logging

As a Product Manager for RSA, Mr. Underhay guided the development of SA's audit logging capability for Security Analytics version 10.5.